Welcome to "Kunst in der Provinz. e.V."

The art society "Kunst in der Provinz e.V." unites artists from the entire northwestern area of Germany - presenting a tremendous variety of artistic skills. Exhibitions, symposiums and special events regularly take place where artists as well as people just interested in art have the opportunity to meet. "Kunst in der Provinz e.V." not only makes it possible to present the works of art but also is the impulse for exchange, discussion and interpretation of art.

Aktuelle Events

Vernissage: So. 2. Feb. 20 um 14.30 h

2. Feb. - 26. April 2020


- Malerei -


Klostermühle Heiligenberg
Heiligenberg 2
27305 Bruchhausen-Vilsen


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KUNST in der Provinz e.V.
Brunhild Buhre
Parkstr. 34
27232 Sulingen

Telefon 0 42 71 . 24 84